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Amethyst: The Versatility of This Healing Crystal


Amethyst is a widely known crystal that has been used throughout the world and has surpassed the barriers of time, since the beginning of mankind; this stone has been used to heal all kinds of diseases, physical, emotional and spiritual.

It can be used as follows for many different intentions:

* Wear an amethyst stone round your neck or carry one in your pocket to help fortify your bones.

* If you discover yourself having issues sleeping at night and spend more time tossing and turning than really sleeping, place an amethyst stone beneath your pillow to help with insomnia.

* To expand the number of dreams that you have and to help you recall your dreams when you awaken, use an elastic hair band as a headband around your fore head. Slip an amethyst stone beneath the band and this will to help cause dreams.

* Bury a little amethyst stone at every entrance to your house to guard against thieves. A cheap strand of amethyst chips works perfectly for this.

* Don’t forget to bury a little beneath every window, as well as the doors. If you have a window that’s far away from a place where you can bury the stones, like a window above a cement patio or porch, put a tumbled stone or little amethyst stone crystal formation on the windowpane.

* Use the same technique above to protect against thieves to likewise keep evil from your household and will help keep all who wish you or your loved ones harm from attempting to come into your home.

* If a man is seeking the perfect mate, somebody that will work with him on a journey to establish a life together, carry an amethyst stone in your pocket to draw in good women.

* For the women, if you believe your man might be losing his interest in you, give him a gift of an amethyst stone to expand his attraction to you. This may be in the form of a ring or pendant, or even a worry stone to hold in his pocket will do fine.

* To communicate with your Spirit Guide or Higher Self, discover a peaceful time and place where you won’t be interrupted.

Carry an amethyst stone in each hand. Take a couple of deep breaths, shut your eyes feel the powers come from the amethyst.

Let them come up your arm and into your head where you see them from inside your mind’s eye begin to glow.

Invite your guide to come forward and talk with you.

This helps you attune with your higher self.

* Make an Amethyst Stone elixir, by placing one or more amethysts into a clear glass jar full of water. Let the water sit outside in the moon light for the whole night. The closer to the full moon stage; the better the elixir will result.

Once you have it and use it to bathe the parts of the body that are undergoing circulatory issues. It increases circulation in both the physical body and the etheric one.

* With the mad hectic world moving so quick around us, we frequently find ourselves strained beyond the capacity the human body is specified to take. Spend a couple of minutes absorbing the power of amethyst crystals to help mend the nervous system.

* You’ve likely heard the statement, “You’re your own worst enemy”.

Self deceit, particularly when concerning matters of the heart induce more heartaches and chest pains than anything.

Amethyst stone crystals protect against self-deceit and let you view things the way they truly are.

* Something very valuable about amethyst crystals is the power they have to help us achieve meditation and visualization, by holding one stone in each of our hands.


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