Choices in Recessed Deck Lighting


If you’ve ever been on someone’s deck and noticed a very soft light that was so inconspicuous that you hardly noticed the source, you may have already experienced recessed deck lighting. This is becoming the most popular way to light a deck area for many reasons, including the ease of self-installation.

Recessed lighting is deck fixtures that are installed into the surface of the deck or patio, including the railings or stairs. The lights are even with the surface and come in two different varieties, rectangular or disc shape.

Which type you choose will depend on the effect you want to create. The rectangular lights create a brighter and more direct illumination. The disk lights create a small beam of light and are much more subtle.

Since the fixtures are made of such a durable material there is no risk of damaging them through everyday use. You could even drive your car over the light and no damage would be done.

Recessed deck lighting is available with all power sources that you’d expect from other options. You can get low voltage, normal voltage or even solar powered recessed options. Any option that you choose will come in a kit that is extremely easy for you to install yourself. Recessed lighting can serve two essential purposes for your deck and patio area. First it will provide safety by illuminating the stairs and the perimeter of the deck. This will allow you to have the safest deck possible for you and your guests.

Recessed lighting can also create a very special and beautiful ambience and give the deck a much more relaxed feel that is missing from more direct illumination. You can choose a combination of wall mounted and recessed lighting, but just using one or the other will work just as well.

Another idea is using recessed lighting to give your deck an extra special look by placing the lights in between the railing posts on the deck. The shadowing and light that will be cast from this unusual placement will create a fantastic place for entertaining. While there are many places you can use deck lighting, it’s also important to consider the type of lights you choose. The most optimal type of lights for decks incorporate led lights due to their small size, economical advantage and many other benefits. Solar lights are also a good choice for this type of application.


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