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Aquamarine: The Gemstone for Safety and Security in Long Relationships


From blue-green to light sky-blue and, flawless Aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March. It is designated for 16th and 19th wedding anniversary. Aquamarine symbolizes safety and security in long relationships.

Aquamarine comes from the Latin words “aqua” meaning water and “marine” meaning sea. Early sailors used the stone to protect themselves against the hardships of sea travel. The light blue stone was said to combat the discomfort of sea-sickness, an ailment no true sailor could succumb to. Roman fishermen, like sailors, believed in the power of the stone. Successful fishing trips were credited to the blue stone that was often securely carried by the Roman fishermen. This beautiful light blue stone would be great to bring on any deep sea voyage.

Amethyst and aquamarine share many properties that intensify when they are together. They posses the power to help heal an obscured mind, body, and spirit. The two stones along with meditation clear the mind and help one become more in tune with nature. Achieving clarity facilitates the interpretation of emotions, while sharpening intuition, and intensifying creativity allowing a person to feel as ease. Aquamarine can be used as a stress releaser for the more sensitive and mystical at heart.

Many healing properties can be attributed to Aquamarine. It can be used against nerve ailments, tooth pains, and conditions of the jaw, throat or neck. Wear it around the neck to promote wellness in these areas. It can build up your cleansing organs such as kidneys, spleen, liver and thyroid. Ancient Roman healers thought aquamarine helped ease digestion and water retention. They prescribed it as an aid to over-eating and digestion problems. Goblets have been found made by Roman craftsmen. They have been thought to be used for its purifying properties.

Aquamarine is a great gift idea in terms of weddings and marriage. For the newly married, Aquamarine has a calming affect over the intense emotional state a wedding can have. It will also help with any differences that might spring up and insure an eternally joyous marriage for years to come. For the already long term married, Aquamarine can awaken the love that once was intense and passionate. Give this stone as a 16th or 19th wedding anniversary gift to light up that fire that shone bright. For the personal shopper, aquamarine earrings bring love and affection. It can also bring about new friendships.

Aquamarine is the designated birthstone for the month of March and the astrological sign of Gemini. An Aquamarine ring, earring, or pendant can make a great gift for those needing the calming affect this soothing blue stone can bring. Some professions that might benefit from this gorgeous stone are massage therapists, educators, chiropractors, genetic engineers, and counselors.


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