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Cabin Decor For the Outdoor Lover in You


If you are the woodsy type, cabin decor is perfect for you! The colors of nature along with wildlife and rustic accents make cabin decor a look any outdoor lover will want in their own cabin or home.

This look can easily be achieved by using accents associated with hunting and fishing. Many people use bear skin rugs on the floor, along with mounted deer and buffalo heads on the wall. These are the perfect touch for the cabin decor look.

Along with wood floors, you may also have exposed rough wood ceiling beams and rustic walls. The addition of shadowboxes containing fishing items such as lures is also an excellent addition. Anything associated with the forest, lakes and mountains will add to the relaxed feeling of cabin decor.

Wildlife pictures containing elk or wolves are beautifully colored and will add to the look. Fishing oars are also an interesting touch for the walls, as are fishing nets. Cabin decor is an easy look to achieve with the use of some accents you wouldn’t ordinarily think of as decorating items.

I have even seen wooden fishing boats used as shelves, with the addition of a couple of extra boards placed inside. With cabin decor, you can place a few hunting caps and camouflage items along with wildlife figurines, and this makes for a very unique conversation piece!

When it comes to the furniture, use big husky looking sofas and chairs in a leather or leather-look material. Rustic color plaid fabrics work well also. Natural wood tables add to the woodsy look.

As you can see, there are endless options when it comes to decorating your home or home away from home with the unique cabin decor style. Think of what types of hunting or fishing you like, and use some of those items to decorate your home or cabin. This is relaxation at it’s best!


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