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Basic Elements Of A Transformer And Their Functions


A transformer is an electric device is mainly designed to transfer energy from one circuit to another through electromagnetic induction. It basically steps up or steps down the voltage level as per the need without affecting the overall frequency level. As it has no moving parts, thus, it is considered as a static device. And this static device is made up of a number of parts or elements that perform different functions. Every single element of a transformer plays an important role in the overall working of the device and has its own features and functions. To know them better you should take a look below.

  • Steel Tank: The major part or element of a transformer is its steel tank that contains all the windings and cores inside. It is made of stainless steel and has the ability to prevent the windings and cores from any external damage. Also, it is coated with different colors from internally as well as externally and is filled with the insulating oil, which helps to ensure the safety and protection of the device.
  • Core: Another major component of a transformer is its core, which is made of iron or steel that provides a low reluctance and helps to reduce eddy current loss. It plays a major role in the device and it has to be properly constructed for better performance.
  • Windings: Basically, every transformer has two windings, primary and secondary and in some special types of transformer there is only one winding, which is laminated around the core and helps to transfer power properly.
  • Thermometer: There is always a thermometer in a transformer that helps to measure the temperature and helps to avoid the problem of overheating, which prevents the situations like short-circuit or fire accident.
  • Cooling Tubes: These are very much important in the construction and proper working of the transformer as they help to cool the transformer oil. It is important to cool the oil temperature to avoid any mishap or risky situation.
  • Breather: Last but not the least important component a transformer must have is a breather that acts like an air filter and mainly performs the function to control the moisture level inside the device and helps to avoid the problem of overheating.

These are a few basic elements a transformer has and the list never ends here, there are many other components and for the trouble-free working of the device, it is important to construct each and every component.


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