Cable Ties, Circuit Breakers and Their Reliability


Cable ties are components used to hold wires or cables together. They work on a gear rack and ratchet principle thus also making it an efficient locking device. It has an advantage over traditional sheet metal type of ties because of its great ability to provide a better effective tie on the bundle. Besides these cable ties are more durable and flexible. They are also cost-effective compared to conventional metal based ties. Use of a light tough material like nylon makes their application wide range. Cable ties are available in different quality, color and size and it meets the specific requirements of the customers. Being strong and flexible in nature, they can easily tie heavy objects together. These are rust free and provide an airtight lock. Its application is not only limited in electric systemics. Due to its better locking and binding strength these are also used in packaging and freight.

Circuit breakers are electromechanical devices in principle of operation but they are used in electrical system as a safety device to protect electrical powered equipments form any breakdown due to an overload or short-circuit. They are always placed in between the power source and the electrically powered equipment. They always act as a connector or safety switch as they always connect the source to the terminal device. More than domestic usage, industrial usage of circuit breakers has gained more importance in past one decade. It’s used in various applications in industries and also it’s coined by various names based on its features, ex: MCB- miniature circuit breaker, MCCB- Molded case circuit breaker, MPCB-Motor protection circuit breaker etc. Each of these perform the similar function but at different points of a circuit. Circuit breakers have advantage over traditional fuses. It is not self-destructive, it easy to reset manual even automatic reset types are available. Mechanism is housed in a neutral case thus making at a shock free, so even normal person can take the worn breaker off and can replace with a new one.


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