Difference Between The Isolation And Auto Transformer


Introduction To The Isolation Transformer

The isolation transformers are the made up of copper wires which are coiled around each other to supply the power source. The main function of the transformer is to isolate the circuits from an alternating source. It separates two circuits with the help of the induction loop or decreasing the alternating current voltage. The advantages of the device are available when it is installed in the ratio of 1:1.

Advantages Of Using An Isolation Transformer:-

  • Isolation transformers have the power to control the alternating current within the device. In other words, it can increase or decrease the alternating current.
  • The primary and secondary coils can be assembled as a step-down or step-up transformer to balance the voltage current in the electrical devices.
  • On the basis of turn count on the coil, the device can handle a huge amount of the voltage current.
  • It decreases the electromagnetic or electrical interruptions from the power source while improving the signal strength in radio and wireless communication systems.
  • It can prevent the appliances and machines against the spikes and harmonics from the main supply of the power.
  • There is no connection between the earth and exposed portion of the circuit. With the isolation transformer, there is no danger in touching the life while the body is earthed which means that the transformer prevents the flow of electrical current which cause shocks to the man and the machine.


An autotransformer is a construction where primary and secondary windings are connected to share a common winding. The secondary voltage coil will always have a joint terminal with the primary coil. The Step-down and step-up transformer set up of the voltage current can be achieved with a dab from the coil measuring from the joint end.

Advantages Of Using An Autotransformer:-

  • The features listed below are typically for a device with a voltage ratio varying up to 3:1 voltage or 1:3 voltages. Exceeding the range, an isolation transformer is normally more cost-effective.
  • The autotransformers are less expensive when compared to the latter one.
  • This type of the transformer is smaller in physical size and is much lighter in weight because it needs fewer turnings and a petite core.


  • A breakdown of the winding insulation of the autotransformer will result in full input voltage applied to the output.
  • There is no insulation within the primary and the secondary coil and protection of the devices is dependent on the main supply.

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