How Do You Replace A Lost PC Power Cable


We have all done it, misplaced a power lead for our computer or television. After years working in the trade I can say you would not believe the amount of times a customer asked for a replacement computer power cable. The reason for the loss was usually due to the cable getting lost after a house move. Another common reason was the previous power lead was chewed by the dog, ouch! But did you know you don’t have to pay the sky high prices charged by your computer manufacturer for a replacement power lead?

Many modern computers use a power cable called an IEC cable, often refferred to in the trade as a Kettle lead, due to it’s similarity to the older style leads found on UK kettles, though it is slightly different in design and you should not use the lead from your kettle to power your PC and visa versa. The technical name is an IEC power cable. If you were to buy a new cable from a manufacturer like Dell, I’d be surprised if you would get much change out of fifteen pounds. However you can buy an IEC power cable from online retailers in the United Kingdom for as little as five pounds for a 2 meter long cable.

Another useful cable is the 2 into 1 power cable. This has a single power plug on one end and two IEC plugs on the other end. This allows you to run a computer and monitor from one plug socket, thus saving a power socket for another electrical device. This type of 2 into 1 power cable can be bought in the UK from as little as ten pounds. My advice would be to search online as there are lots of respectable online retailers selling this type of lead at a fraction of the high street price.

And if 2 meters is far too short for your needs, you can even get a long PC power lead, substantially longer than those supplied by your computer manufacturer. Lets face it, the 2 meter cable supplied with most computers is not very long. You can easily source 3 meter, 5 meter and even 10 meter long power cables. This will allow you to move the location of your computer without the need for trailing electrical sockets. The only caveat I would add is to make sure the cable you are buying meets safety standards which apply in your locality. You can find a full list of safety’s marks for your area on the internet.

It’s important to buy the correct cable. If you are in any doubt about buying the correct replacement power cable you should always ask advice. The vast majority of shops and web retailers will be more than happy to advise, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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