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Savings and Safety With the LED High Bay Light


Visible light will always play an important role in everyone’s lives. Not only does it stimulate the sense of sight, but certain light sources are even responsible for the survival of the human race. Historically, people of the past relied on sunlight and fire to illuminate their homes. Fortunately, science paved the way for developments that changed how the world is being lit up today.

Such remarkable development is the light emitting diode, more commonly referred to as LED. Standard lamps and bulbs contain gasses which produces light. LED, on the other hand, contains what is being referred to as a solid state lighting element. Due to this solid lighting element, LED is considered as the safer choice since it completely gets rid of risks related to high pressure gasses.

That is why LED is now being recommended as the best light source, not just for domestic use, but for high and low bay areas as well. High bay areas are high ceiling environments, often at 25 feet or higher; while low bay areas are those that are below 25 feet. Examples of these areas are stadiums and warehouses.

For years, fluorescent lamps and metal halide lamps were the popular choice for these areas. However, these light sources consume too much power which, in turn, may result to the owner having to shell out quite a sum of money once the electric bill is due.

On the other hand, a 60-watt LED high bay light can produce the same amount of lumens as that of a 400-watt metal halide lamp. Although the initial purchase cost of an LED lamp may be of a higher cost than that of metal halide, it will soon prove to be the more cost-effective choice, given its low power consumption and low maintenance costs.

In line with maintenance costs is the LED’s longer life. Standard bulbs and lamps are usually marketed to have a lifespan of 20,000 hours. LEDs, however, are known to provide up to 50,000 hours. In fact, in excess of 50,000 hours, the LED lights are still functional, only with reduced brightness.

High bay areas often require quite a number of lamps in order to be perfectly illuminated. Ordinary lamps produce heat, so a large amount of these lamps would produce a warm environment. An LED high bay light, on the other hand, emits a lower heat output. This not only allows for a maintained room temperature, but also lessens fire-related hazards.

Even if placed outside, an LED high bay light will also produce a better lighting effect compared to other standard light sources. Oftentimes, lamps containing a mixture of gasses produce light pollution, which can be an eyesore. In contrast, LED produces a natural lighting effect which is easy on the eyes and perfectly illuminates the nearby areas without adding pollution to the night sky.

So despite the slightly more costly initial payment for LED lights, continued use will show the user that it is the better choice, not just in terms of savings, but also in terms of safety.


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