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The Benefits of a Motion Sensor Solar Security Light


Installing security lighting is one of the smartest investments you can make in ensuring the safety of your home or commercial property. There are some that operate electrically, while other models run on rechargeable batteries. Solar-powered security lights, due to the environmental benefits they offer and the ease involved in their installation and operation, have become more popular in recent years as well. Here are some of the benefits of a motion sensor solar light and why you might want to invest in one.

The clear advantages of solar power

Many homeowners who plan on installing additional lighting to their homes are often concerned with the rising costs of electricity. Even more so in the case of security lighting wherein the lamps are turned on for long hours during the night. A motion-sensor solar light runs through solar power, so there is virtually no worry at all in terms of added electricity expense. You only need to harness the free solar power of the sun to power up your security type of lights.

Some people worry about using solar powered security lighting due to high installation costs. In truth however, solar security lights are a breeze to install. Doing so eliminates the need for expensive and complex wiring, so this already saves you from hefty installation costs. Moreover, the monthly savings you will be generating through your electricity bill will eventually outweigh the initial costs involved during installation.

Smart motion-sensor capabilities

Some lights are designed to stay on throughout the entire night. While these ensure visibility and illumination at all times, they can be quite expensive to operate and maintain. A more cost-effective and energy-efficient option is to choose motion-sensor lighting. Integrated sensors detect movement from up to 23 or 25 feet away, prompting the light to turn on automatically. This is especially useful in discouraging intruders from trespassing into your home as well as in providing you a safe, well-lit path when you’re walking towards your front door at night.

These solar-powered motion sensor lights work through the solar panel, which is responsible in powering the internal, rechargeable batteries during daytime. At night, the motion sensor light runs through these solar-charged batteries and turns on once it detects any motion or activity from 20 feet to 25 feet away. The motion activated technology of the Coleman Cable Motion Sensor Solar Security Light senses movement from up to 25 feet away and also comes with rechargeable batteries and a 16ft cord for easy installation, giving you the full benefits of an outdoor security light, while keeping your electricity bill in check.


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