Transformer Manufacturer


Transformer Manufactures are companies that manufacture and supply power distribution transformers. This may include highly efficient amorphous metal core transformers, package substations, battery chargers, switchgear and associated electrical equipment.

Many of these companies will assess any specific individual power requirements and aim to supply cost effective and reliable power solutions that work for the customer and the environment. The equipment they supply can be new manufactured gear or re-engineered gear and will come with leading industry guarantees.

There are many different types of transformers which are used for a wide range of applications, and some of these are:

o Super low amorphous transformers

o Substations

o Switchgear

o Battery chargers

o Voltage optimisation

o Toroidal transformers

o Step up / Step down transformers

o Tool and Site transformers

Step up & step down auto transformers are small in size and weight and can be easily installed into existing equipment or supplied in an enclosure with or without plug, cord and receptacle.

Tool and site transformers are used for power tools, machinery and lighting applications on building sites; housed in reinforced fibreglass they provide durability and security. Tool and site transformers are usually 110v, 230v, and 415v and all conform to the strictest safety standards.

For outdoor use waterproof transformers are essential and will generally have an input of 230v and an output of 12v to 24v. These types of transformers are commonly used for outdoor lighting and powering garden pond pumps.

Transformers are devices that transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another circuit. This is achieved by passing the electricity through the transformers coils; these coils are referred to as inductively coupled inductors. Most transformers have the coils wound around a ferromagnetic core.

Transformers can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes. They can be small enough to fit into a microphone, or they may be extremely large units that weigh hundreds of tons and used to interconnect national power grids.

Although the range of designs and sizes may vary enormously, they all work by the same basic principles.


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