Why Do Custom Cable Manufacturing Certifications Matter?


The custom cable manufacturing industry is a competitive field with substantially different companies participating. Some businesses are smaller in size and produce a limited number of local products, while others are bigger and outsource certain stages. Regardless of their choices, many businesses do not adhere to the proper standards of the industry in customizing their cable assemblies. When looking for someone to meet your cabling needs, it is important to consider the certifications of the company.

Certifications can indicate reliability and quality.

For most people, certifications are just acronyms that follow a company’s name. In many fields, they are used to adorn resumes. But for a supplier of customized cables, they are an indication that the company has voluntarily undergone extended training and has chosen to submit to inspections. There are several different types, but, essentially, certifications signify experience and adherence to industry standards. The supplier who prioritizes custom cable assemblies exhibits a desire to adhere to regulations.

For example, a UL, or Underwriters Laboratories certificate, requires a company to submit its products to a regulatory agency for testing and inspections. Once the supplier passes the rigorous testing, it receives the certificate, which indicates the product is safe and has met the requirements of quality.

The International Standards Organization (ISO)

Another common accreditation process includes submitting to the requirements of the International Standards Organization, or ISO. In order to receive certification from the ISO in custom cable manufacturing, a company must develop acceptable protocol for the manufacturing of its products. The ISO is an independent, international body that is not regulated by any government. Over 150 countries have companies voluntarily submit to the regulatory procedures of the ISO. The different suppliers, foreign and domestic, come together to establish standards for the industry and maintain an accreditation process. It is one of the most important certifications a cable company can obtain.

Certifications instill a sense of confidence in the consumer.

For those who require the use of a customized cable assembly, certifications can assure the purchaser that the product is safe, reliable and efficient. Most cables are installed in dangerous environments, like offshore oil rigs, large factories, and military sites. Sometimes they are used underwater or in large computer systems. Many are parts in an electrical piece of equipment. It is important to feel confident in your choice of a supplier of these pieces of wires, as they could cause damage in a faulty setting.

Different certifications mean different things.

There are a number of certification processes for custom cable manufacturers, and, of course, they all mean different things for the supplier. There are environmental courses and inspections that can be important for operating in different climates. The WHMA, or the Wire Harness Manufacturer’s Association, provides inspections and testing for suppliers. A certification from the WHMA indicates a high regard for safety, which is what you want to see from someone who manufactures cables.

It can be intimidating searching for the appropriate company to handle your custom cable needs. If you are in doubt as to the certification process of the company, or the qualifications, simply ask. Search online for published accreditations and never settle if you feel the company is not up to the standards of the industry.

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