How To Combine the Creativity of the Runes With Quantum Physics


What are the Secrets behind combining the Ancient Wisdom of the Runes with the 21st century science of Quantum Physics?

Quantum Physics tells us that there exists an infinite ocean of energy called the Quantum Ocean where everything exists.

Runes are Creative Universal Energies. These runic energies can be used to re-create your life for the better. You can add health, wealth and love into your life now.

Since the Runes are energies and the Quantum Ocean is where all energies exist; the Runes exist in the Quantum Ocean.

This article will discuss the methods used to attract the Runic energies out of the Quantum Ocdan and into your life. Runes were never intended to be used as a language or a divination tool. Runes even predate man’s ability to write.

The Runic symbols we use are keys. Keys that unlock the mysteries of the Quantum Ocean. Ecah individual Rune is a symbol and a key to a very specific energy in the Quantum Ocean.

Example: Rune FA is the energy of prosperity. Rune URUZ is the energy of health. Rune OS is the energy of Wisdom; etc, etc.

The secret is to know how to attract these runic energies out of the Quantum Ocean and into your life.

Odin, the All-Father, of the Norse pantheon of gods/goddesses did not discover the Runes. He rediscovered them out of the Quantum Ocean where they have always existed.

The Laws of Quantum Physics are finally catching up to what the Ancient Wisdom has already told us. Now we being told these secrets in simple scientific language, for all to understand. No longer do we have to be baffled by hidden truths, metaphors, allegrories, fairy tales and mythologies.

The Laws of Quantum Physics now tell us in simple language about the workings of our universe, its formation, purpose and destiny.

The Ancients told us that this knowledge was contained in the Mind of God. The chosen few doled it out sparingly to us. Quantum Physics tells us that all this information exists in the Quantum Ocean and is available to any who seek it out.

The Ancients told us God creates everything. Quantum Physics says God gave us the tools to co-create with him/her. The tool are known as the Laws of Quantum Physics.

As you can probably tell by now that since Runes are Universal Creative Energies and the Quantum Ocean contains all energies, the secrets we will use to attract these energies are energy secrets.

The secrets to drawing Runic energy out of the Quantum Ocean and into your life lie in the secrets of The Law of Attraction; The Law of Resonant Frequencies; and the Law of Three.

The Law of Attraction simply states that LIKE attracts LIKE. The Law of Resonant Frequencies tell us that SIMILAR and CONGRUENT frequencies are drawn to each other. And the Law of Three tells us that whenever we bring two energies together, a third energy is formed.

These are the secrets of attracting energy out of the Quantum Ocean.

Runes are energies. The Quantum ocean is energy and the above laws give us the secrets on how to bring these energies into our lives. By bringing Runic energy out of the Quantum Ocean and into our lives we can recreate our lives. We can attract more health, wealth and love into our lives now. That is what we all need in this chaotic world.


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