Take Care If Your Tattoo Machines Hit Too Hard


The strength of tattoo machines is very crucial to the process of tattooing. Many tattoo artists are paying highly attention to the working strength when they are choosing their new machines. The most important reason why working strength is so essential is that it has a close relation to the pain extent and skin damage from the customers and as well as the final artistic value which is presented by the tattoo patterns in the later.

We all know with our basic logical thinking that hard things could often easily break or make damage to the objects, which surely suits to the working theory of tattoo machines, too. Those with too hard working strength would cause more severe damage to the human skin, leading the result to the scales of fester of the skin. During the process, customers would feel much stronger pain than those working with soft strength. There is another account that the tattoo artist are highly caring, which is, if using hard strength tattoo machines to practice, the final tattoo pattern will be lighter than normal, due to the structure of hard strength machines keeping needles dip less ink than normal ones.

So when a experiences tattoo artist got his new tattoo machine, the first thing he would do is to check out its working strength, and make proper adjustment, which, often involve in such below steps: check out if the coils have worn down to the contact of the armature bar. Keep the armature bar away from the coils with a distance of about a papers width. Please note that the armature bar should be given a distance just as the gap between the contact screw and the spring.

Usually, coils inside the tattoo machines are made with different materials from different origins, which could also affect the working strength of the machines, because if a 10 wrap actually contains of 14 layers of wires, it would easily cause your tattoo machine hit hard and fast. The last thing which needs your attention is the capacitor, a factor influencing the speed and working strength, too.


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