Why Electric Fencing?


Electric fencing is a great way to keep would be intruders off your property. The security it offers is twofold, firstly the 8000 volt impulse shock it generates every second to ward off intruders and secondly an audible alarm when the fence wires are cut or shorted to earth either by an object or to one another.

Electric fencing is one of the most popular security choices for homes, complexes, office parks, industrial buildings, game reserves, farms and small holdings. It is also not one of the cheapest security solutions, so when you have decided to go ahead and install your electric fence, conduct some research on installation companies in your area by asking your neighbours, who installed theirs, quality of workmanship, and after sales service, warrenties etc.

Fence Components

There are many components involved in installing an electric fence. The main component is the energizer. The energizer produces the 8000 volt pulse which fires through the entire fence every second. It has electronic controller components and a capacitor with LED alarm indicators and an audible alarm as standard. The unit is activated and deactivated by passing a small magnetic fob pass a sensor on the front of the unit. Then there are the support brackets which come in a variety of choices, from round bar, square tubing and reinforced uprights. The wire is now aluminium, which has a longer life span and does not rust and become unsightly. Then there are the insulators, brackets, tensioners, joiners and isolators. LED indicator eyes, these give you an instant education that your fence is live by flashing every time the pulse fires through the fence. It consists of a small light inside a black plastic housing with two wires from each side. The first wire is twisted around the live and the second around the earth, there are basically 2 wires which form the electric fence, the first wire is a loop around the entire perimeter, it is fixed to the first live terminal on the energizer, runs the entire length of the perimeter and is attached to the second live terminal. The earth terminals are wired in the same fashion, from the first earth terminal on the energizer, runs the entire perimeter of the premises and back the second earth terminal on the energizer. The earth wire is then connected to 1 metre long earth spikes which are driven into the soil every 10 meters or so. The better your fence is earthed in this fashion the stronger the shock it will generate.


Here there are no short cuts or DIY suggestions, get a professional electric fence installer to install your fence, it will save you many hours of irritating false alarms, and shorts to earth, especially in the rainy season, pluse you will have piece of mind that the fence is working properly 24 hours a day.


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