2022 for six prices of cables and wires of the two fish silcoplast

Six prices for the two fish cables and wires Silcoplast 2022

Electricity cable prices in Egypt 2022

Six prices for cables and wires of the two fish, silicoplast Today, through today’s prices website, we publish to you the prices of electricity cables in Egypt 2022,

The use of cables in daily life is very important either to connect electricity or to connect devices to each other and the various wires that have a lot of importance and for this we present today on the Today Prices website the prices of cables in Egypt, and one of the most famous places that sell cables is the two fish Silcoplast

Where it is one of the most important places that people go to to buy from, and this is due to the great confidence that they master and because of its strong wires that can withstand pressure and other various factors. This is why Silcoplast 2022 cables and wires prices are put in the first place, and today we present the prices of Silcoplast cables and wires 2022, which are Change it based on the dollar’s change

In the Egyptian market, where raw materials and manufactured materials are affected by the rise or fall of the dollar, the cables are calculated on the basis of length, weight, and importance.

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The company Silcoplast was established in the manufacture of cables in Egypt in the year

1977 is an independent manufacturer of stranded electrical copper conductors, multiple conductors, and flexible, PVC insulated and sheathed control cables.

The factory is located in the new industrial city on the 10th of Ramadan on an area of 8000 square meters and is equipped with the latest wire-making technologies,

This factory is considered one of the most advanced factories in the Egyptian wire industry.

By installing new equipment and by constantly updating existing machines,

The company has been able to maintain its distinction of providing the market with the best quality and an improved range of products.
The factory includes manufacturing, material testing and electronic data processing facilities that provide customers with the most reliable product

and high quality possible through a network of representatives nationwide

National provides even remote customers with a local contract, Selcoplast has succeeded in creating an effective delivery and support strategy that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Silcoplast wire and cable prices 2022Six prices for cables and wires of the two fish, silicoplast

Electricity cable prices in Egypt 2022, We offer the prices of Silcoplast 2022 cables and wires, which differ according to the size and materials on which they are purchased. the prices.


Those were some of the most frequently purchased insulated wire prices and we are now showing hair wire prices.

Silcoplast wire and cable prices 2022

A note to all consumers

The prices that are present change daily with the change in the price of the dollar in the market, and it can rise or fall by a few pounds.

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