Benefits Of an AMF Control Panel


No doubt, an electrical panel is the main distribution point for electrical circuits or sub-panels throughout the industry. It provides the exact amount of power as per the need of your industry. Now the question is if a simple panel can do all these tasks so what is the need of an AMF Control Panel? What are their functions? Why is it necessary? There are many other things that come in your mind – right? Here in this article, we will answer all your queries and give you brief detail what you are actually looking for. Basically, an AMF or Automatic Main Failure Control Panel is the device, which is used to control the generator set in a standby configuration.

An AMF Control Panel consists of electronic circuit boards, power relays, battery charger, terminal blocks and other necessary equipment, which allowed it to give a signal to the generator in the absence of main power. This may alert the generator and it starts automatically, so, you will never face the problem of total blackout, which in result save your lots of data from getting lost. Along with this, it may also save you from a big trouble that can happen in the situation of a sudden power cut. The size of the panel can be varied and totally depend on the need of power in your industry. Usually, these may available in different KVA rating, which gives you an opportunity to pick the one that suits your need.

It’s main function is to monitor the incoming AC supply activate the standby generator in the absence of main power and transfer the power load from the main load to the generator. Furthermore, when the main power returns, this AMF Control Panel manages a return to the main supply and automatically shut down the generator after an appropriate cooling run. It gives protection against spikes generated at the time of the start and stop of a heavy motor. This panel may generally perform all its functions automatically and therefore, you don’t need a labor force to work upon it.

Its installation requires special attention and therefore, you should always take professional assistance. It’s because after getting installed, it may perform all its functions at an optimized level. In a nutshell, by giving a signal to the generator it removes all barriers that may create the situation of a blackout. If you don’t want to lose your important data, so, you should install it now.


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