Is A Granny Cam A Good Way To Monitor My Elderly Parents?


As our parents, siblings, and relatives get older, we have to make sure they are being cared for. No matter if they are being taken care of in their home, your home, or in an assisted living facility, you need to make sure they are not being abused. Rest easy with a hidden Granny Cam that will be your eyes while you are not there.

You see a lot of horror stories about the people who are suppose to be taking care of our elderly parents, and are caught on video either stealing money or pills, physically abusing them, or just not taking good enough care of them. The question of if you should have a Granny Cam is not necessary, you owe it to your loved ones to have one. The real question will be which one should you choose? Granny Cams or Nanny Cams are just tiny video surveillance cameras that are hidden inside an everyday item to catch someone doing something they should, or should not be doing. Then, it transmits the video over several different methods so it can be viewed.

You can choose hidden cameras that are Color, Black/White, or Color that turns to B/W when it gets dark. You can add a low lux feature that helps you see in the dark, and some of the wireless cameras have a high-power addition that can increase the broadcast distance from 700 to 3,000 feet.

There are four basic types of hidden cameras that use different ways to transmit the video.

  • Wired Cameras
  • Wireless Cameras
  • SD Card DVR Cameras
  • Secure IP Internet Accessible Cameras

Wired Cameras: The wired hidden cameras have been around the longest, are the most cost efficient, and offer very good quality. They are tiny wired board cameras put in an everyday item that requires electricity, so a cord won’t look out of place. Usually the item will work as planned, like a pencil sharper, can opener, air purifier, or fan.

They also have a male video cable adaptor, so you can plug in a video cable to run the video feed to a Quad, PC, or DVR. A PC can be set up with software to monitor the feed on the computer, or over the internet for additional costs. These work best when your parent is staying at their house or your house, as the video cable might get detected in an assisted living facility.

Wireless Cameras: A wireless hidden camera has an internal 2.4GHz transmitter that sends the video silently across the air to a receiver, which is set up in another room. No hidden cables that could be found, and these make for some of the best hidden cameras, as they can be put inside a Pringles can, tissue dispenser, wall clock, etc. They also have internal battery packs to supply the power to the camera. Since there are no wires or cables sticking out, it is very hard to know it is recording your every move, unless you use a hidden camera detector.

The video could have interference if you use other 2.4GHz devices, or other receivers might tap, or conflict with your signal. You can also feed the video into a PC with surveillance software and monitor them from the PC, or install software that will allow you to monitor the camera from the Internet. This is a good choice for home use, though if you use it at an assisted care facility, you will need to change the battery packs frequently (8-12 hours).

SD Card DVR Cameras: These are the next generation in hidden camera surveillance systems. They use a tiny internal DVR that records the video directly to a hidden SD card for playback later. No wires or signals to be discovered, they are 100% self contained. The advantage of this set up is that you can just set down an item like a desk clock, boom box, or even hang up a wall clock, arm it with the keychain remote, and come back later to remove the SD Card for viewing on a computer or T.V. This is the best camera to use in an assisted living or hospital situation, as there would be no way anyone would know the device is recording their every move.

Secure IP Cameras: If you are looking for a way to monitor your parents without having to buy extra software or hardware, the Secure IP cameras offer a very easy way to monitor them over the Internet. They use the electrical wires in the house to transmit the video directly to your computer, which can be accessed anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

The camera is hidden in an ever day item like a desk clock or air purifier that plugs into an adaptor, that plugs into the wall socket. The video is carried over the electrical lines to another adaptor that plugs into your computer. Using the installed software, you can see what the camera is doing at any time, and you can hook up to six cameras and monitor them all in real time.

They are best for your home or their home, as the camera will have to be plugged into the wall, into a small adaptor that could be noticed. Not recommended for assisted care living as it only works in the building where the camera is.

These are the four ways you can monitor your parents or loved ones who need assistance with their living. A hidden Granny cam will give you peace of mind and a good nights sleep.


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